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Whatever your business, Transformaciones Metálicas Industrias Peña has the best solution for you.

Why Transformaciones Metálicas Industrias Peña SA?

Transformaciones Metálicas Industrias Peña was born from the need to reflect what the company has become today. The initial business name, Industrias Peña, didn’t fully convey the image and evolution into what we presently are and want to be.

What’s the goal?

To direct our company towards improved competitiveness, integrating concepts of advanced management.


  • By giving our team, currently over 50-people strong, a feeling of belonging to a shared project.
  • By gearing the company towards its customers, adding value to our service.
  • By applying innovation in all areas of the company.
  • By enhancing our commitment to society.
  • By creating a long-term view, and developing a clearly defined strategy to realise it.
  • By achieving highly satisfactory results for our interest groups via sustainable and balanced means.

Renewable energy


Capital goods


Railway sector

Automotive sector



Urban mobility