At Transformaciones Metálicas Industrias Peña, customer satisfaction is our priority.

Our work ethic dictates that quality production adds value to our interest groups, enabling us to obtain customer loyalty through excellence.

Our products must meet the customer’s needs, and in order to achieve this, our qualified staff receive on-going training to meet all technical and current requirements.

Quality Certificates in Welding Processes

Quality requirements for metal fusion welding.

Railway applications. Welding of vehicles and railway components.

International Welding Engineer (IWE).

Subcontracted International Welding Engineer (IWE).

Management Quality Certificates

Quality Management Systems

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Level 2 Visual Inspection

Level 2 Penetrating Liquids

Welding Procedure and Homologation



Our Quality Manual

Other Tests

Our partner company IK4-Lortek